Fulfilling Our Mission with A New Kitchen

Following years of conversation about the need for a new kitchen, the St. Alban’s Vestry has approved a plan to move ahead. On this page you will find regular updates on the process as well as background information for our family and community.

“Your building is either advancing your mission… or a drain on it.”

The new St. Alban’s kitchen will enable our parish to expand our mission and serve our community in a wide variety of ways, including new food ministries and help for those who need it most. Read below for FAQs on the project and why we believe it is essential to our parish mission.

Download the Proposed Kitchen Layout

Latest Updates

Jim Kilby

Why Redo Our Kitchen?

“Your building is either advancing your mission… or a drain on it.” That’s a quote from one of the architects who produced the design for our new kitchen. That architect very succinctly described our situation. I know that there are some who have concerns about the project – concerns about the cost, concerns about the […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a kitchen renovation? How are we using the current kitchen, and what sorts of things could we use the new kitchen for? Why can't we just fix the plumbing and get new appliances? How much will it cost, and where will the money come from?

Get the answers to those questions, and a lot more.

4/7/19 Discussion

On April 7, 2019, parishioners had the opportunity to meet with our architects, consultants and vestry to ask further questions and learn more about the project.

Here are the notes and answers to questions from this conversation.