Christmas Gift Wrapping is Back!

Because 2020 has had enough bad news, here’s something good:  CHRISTMAS WRAPPING IS BACK!

We’re a little late, but the good news is that there’s still plenty of time to have the elves relieve you of this chore.  Of course, things have to be different this year, but this is actually a good thing.  In order to maintain distancing, wrapping will be conducted in the nave BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  The good news?  We won’t be limited to just Sundays.  Here’s how it will work:

  1. Call Kate Wettstein (703) 304-2622 to set up an appointment to drop off your items at the church
  2. Kate will arrange with a masked elf to receive your unwrapped presents in the nave
    1. You may consider dropping off a donation to youth mission trips fund at the same time!
  3. The elf will wrap your presents, beautifully as always
  4. And, get this, your presents will be delivered to your home!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support future youth mission trips – thank you!

Father Jeff


The Rev. Jeff Shankles came to St. Alban’s in 2005 as assistant rector, and eventually became rector in 2013. He and his wife, Kate, have two adult children, Audrey and William.

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