June 27, 2021 – Confirmation and Baptism Information

Saint Alban's Day and Bishop's Visitation

Confirmation, Reception and Baptism: candidate information
Please enter your name exactly as you'd like it to appear on both your official certificate, and in parish sacramental and historical record-keeping.
Those confirmed under the age of 19 are eligible for a youth mission trip grant from the Diocese of Virginia that can be applied to a future mission endeavor. Those 26 and over who are baptized by a Bishop are considered both baptized and confirmed.
If previous baptism is unknown, the Prayer Book offers a "conditional baptism" which ensures the completion of the sacrament, but does not replace the previous baptism if it indeed happened. (The Lord knows, and that's the important part!)
If you're not previously baptized, enter N/A.
If an unaffiliated Christian church, enter "non-denominational." (A defining characteristic of Christian baptism is the Trinitarian formula: baptized "in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." Some small sects, and larger groups like the LDS, do not follow this practice.)
If you've already provided a copy, please disregard. Those baptized at St. Alban's do not need to forward documentation as it is already recorded here; if it is not feasible to provide a record, please do not worry about it at this time. This priest (Fr. Paul) has lost track of some of what happened before March 2020!
If not applicable, enter N/A.
If not applicable, enter N/A.
The Bishop will confirm and baptize at either service. For your information: the 8:15 am service is held in the Parish Hall, which has a more vigorous ventilation system; masks are required; social distancing is required and seating is flexible; the service will include some instrumental piano music, no hymns, and a slightly shorter service. The 10:15 am service will be held in the Nave; masks required; social distancing recommended but not required; this service will include organ music and several hymns (sung by a masked quintet), and will have a larger congregation. The later service will undoubtedly be more crowded.
The Sponsor has an important role to play; both in terms of supporting you through prayer, and also standing with you at the altar rail before the Bishop. The Sponsor also "presents" you to the Bishop. If your Sponsor is unable to attend, a member of the clergy will be available to stand in their stead.
I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns you have via email, or to meet with you one-on-one. It may be difficult to meet as a group in the next two weeks due to busy schedules; but if there is significant interest in doing so, I will send out an availability poll to the group.