In June 2021, the St. Alban’s Vestry voted to engage in the RenewalWorks process to determine if God may be calling the parish to improve or expand our support for the congregation’s spiritual development.

RenewalWorks has worked directly with over a hundred Episcopal congregations in the development of this process, which relies on data generated by each individual parish in comparison with thousands of churches nationwide in the Spiritual Life Inventory. The St. Alban’s Spiritual Life Inventory launched in September 2021 and exceeded our goals with a 71% response rate from our parishioners, offering very strong confidence in the representation provided by the data.

A committee of 17 people was convened to lead the parish through the RenewalWorks process, which, in addition to the survey component, also included an in-depth series of organized workshops. During these workshops, committee members discussed church demographics, reviewed survey responses, shared personal experiences, and engaged in spiritual reflection.

After finalizing its work, the committee offered a series of twelve recommendations to the Vestry, including the formation of a coordinating task force to ensure that all of the recommendations are acted upon by the appropriate committees and ministries. In January 2022, the Vestry accepted the recommendations and the task force is beginning its work now.

The complete RenewalWorks report, including the data analysis and all of the recommendations made by the committee, is available to download here.

Download the RenewalWorks Report