The June Issue of The Word

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In the June 2019 issue . . .

Father Jeff on change, in our lives and in church: “When change affects your most intimate and personal space, it can be unsettling, and I believe that’s why churches are so reluctant to change. Isn’t God supposed to be unchangeable, unmovable? So the Church shouldn’t change, right? Well, we know that isn’t true. But by its very nature, changes at Church often push us well out of our comfort zone.”

Father Paul on Christian identity: “What if our faith was something that marked us, outwardly, so that every time we went to the bank, the laundry, the pool, people knew we were Christians? What if every time we went to the bank, the laundry, and the pool, we knew we were Christians?”

What We Do With What We Give: “This month, though, we turn our attention all too briefly to where most of our financial giving goes—clergy and other paid staff. . . As the clergy goes, so goes the parish. Plain and simple.”

Plus tons of photos from the May 4 relief concert, the May 5 trip to the National Cathedral, the youth group outing, and more!

Download the PDF here.

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