Youth Missioner Covenant

*** Parents: please take time to read through the requirements of this Participant Covenant AS WELL AS Volunteer Program Rules (separately), and discuss them with your child (if applicable), BEFORE signing this agreement. We want to be sure everyone is aware of what’s expected of each Participant. ***

To the glory of God and for the spread of the Gospel throughout the world, it is my privilege to participate in this short term mission experience. As a member of this short-term mission team, I covenant to share in the fellowship of this congregation, and to participate in the mission work projects.  I will work with my fellow team members and under the direction of my team leaders, or under the guidance of staff at the agencies we will visit, without argument or complaint.

Please note: As members of the body of Christ—and representatives, specifically, of Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church—all members of the mission group are expected to honorably represent both our home parish, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in all that we do.

The purpose of this venture is to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to show love and grace to all those we encounter in our ministry. As such, participation in daily corporate prayer and worship is a fundamental requirement for all members of our group.

Behavior that violates another person’s body, dignity, or spirit will not be tolerated. Abusive or demeaning language, acts, or attitudes will likewise be quickly dealt with. Our basic rule is simple: “DON’T BE A JERK.”

Consequently, I commit myself to the following:

  • To endeavor to be open spiritually to what God may be saying to me/our group this week.
  • To represent my church with honor, treating all others with respect and dignity;
  • To follow instructions of both agency staff members, clergy and lay volunteers of Saint Alban’s Church;
  • To honor other campers by following lights-out and quiet hours;
  • To engage in group discussions and gatherings;
  • To cooperate with meal and clean-up duties, and to report at agreed-upon times;
  • To participate in daily prayer and morning/evening devotions with the group;
  • To share my faith in an appropriate manner on the mission;
  • Upon return, to share the mission experience with our church members, which means: plan to attend church on Sunday, July 2! We will BE the sermon that Sunday, so it’s important that all of us attend if at all possible.

I further agree to abide by all rules established by the agencies we visit, the management of the VRBO rental property, and canoe outfitter. Failure to do so could result in my being asked to leave the host site and return home early at my own expense.

Youth Mission Participant: Agreement Form

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