Fulfilling Our Mission. Achieving Our Vision.

St. Alban’s has a vision for an expanded food and hospitality ministry with a renovated kitchen and adjoining facilities, as well as infrastructure improvements that will benefit our congregation and encourage resource growth.

Following years of prayer and discussion about the need for a new kitchen, the St. Alban’s Vestry (following a feasibility study and conversations with the congregation) has launched a campaign to raise a minimum of $1.1 million to help achieve our vision.

Volunteers are contacting each parish family individually to discuss the campaign. On this page, you’ll find important updates, background info, and answers to frequently asked questions — keep scrolling!

We pray, Blessed Lord, that you will strengthen and embolden our faith, inspiring us and encouraging us by your Holy Spirit, that we may run to wherever your work and mission call us. 

Guide us and inspire us to carry out the vision you have placed upon our hearts, that we may be Christ’s hands and heart in our community, feeding the hungry and caring for the poor and the oppressed.

Meeting Our Goal

It is our primary goal to visit with as many of our parish families as possible. We would love to see parish-wide participation in this effort, with each family joining us by proportionally giving at meaningful levels. So far, we have visited 59 of our 190 active parish families.

As of October 18, we have received pledges totaling $983,842 — that’s 89% of our minimum $1.1 million goal. Thanks to all of you! Keep scrolling to view our Donor Honor Roll of all contributors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click to read the answers to all of the many questions we’ve received about the renovation and the campaign, including FAQs about our vision, the cost, the design process, timing, and many more. More questions are always welcome! (Updated October 16, 2019)

Proposed Renovation (Click Image to Download)

Who & Why

St. Alban’s has a vibrant congregation of nearly 200 families.

Our mission statement, adopted in 1987 and amended in 1994, reminds us that God calls us to live our lives as Christians, not just as individuals, but as a community – part of the larger body of Christ.

St. Alban’s is home to over 30 volunteer-led ministries and parish service programs. We host dozens of annual events to draw parishioners and the community deeper into fuller faith.

We believe God does not want us ever to be comfortable and complacent, but rather to be vibrant – “vigorous, lively, and vital.”

Centered on Christ, our parish is flourishing as we are called to witness God’s love for people in our community everywhere – nearby and afar.

Above & Beyond

Imagine what we can do, together!

Our initial goal represents the minimum amount we believe we need to successfully renovate the kitchen and adjoining facilities.

Going “Above and Beyond” that goal would allow us to fully fund our capital reserve, and that means we will be able to make several more improvements to the benefit of our congregation.

Did you know that 80% of our annual operating income comes from parish pledges? The more income we generate from other sources, the more stable our parish budget becomes, and the more we can provide to those in need.

With an improved infrastructure and funded reserve, we will be able to grow our additional revenue sources, such as rental income from community and family events. (The new facilities will make us competitive for larger sorts of events, such as wedding receptions, while charging higher rates than we could possibly charge now.)

These community and family events also create more exposure for St. Alban’s and “word of mouth” opportunities, which can lead to more families becoming part of our church.

A fully-funded capital reserve will allow us to consider improvements such as the following, which have all been long requested by many members:

  • Fresh repainting of the entire exterior of the church
  • Upgrade speakers in the nave so that all can hear

  • Improved lighting and cooling/heating for choir loft
  • Replacement of the boiler (long past its lifespan)

  • Replace signs on Gallows Road and Sleepy Hollow Rd

  • Clearing of overgrowth along Columbia Pike and replanting the hillside with low-maintenance plantings.

  • Upgrading of electrical throughout the facility, including charging stations in rooms

  • Upgrading of office room air conditioners
  • Eventual need for asbestos removal from all downstairs classrooms and sacristy

  • Redesign of Room 1, including removing closets, repainting and appropriate furnishings

Donor Honor Roll

Many thanks to our parish family and community members who have contributed to the Campaign.
(As of October 18, 2019)

Anonymous (6)

Betsy Anderson

Harris Andrews & Ann-Louise Gates
in gratitude to Rev. & Mrs. John Frizzell and Rev. & Mrs. John Thomas

Donna Tildon-Archer

Delores & Harry Baisden

Charles & Debra Becker

Sharon Belanger

Charles & Allison Blanchard

Bill & Nancy Calvert

Kit Ryan & Cathy Casey

Fred & Barbara Chatelain

Linda & Casey Cummings

Annette Dagg
in honor of Fr. John & Sarah Frizzell

Jane Edwards
in memory of Dirck Harris

Michael & Luanne Gutermuth

Nancy & Jack Harrell

Jo & Larry Hodgin

Kevin Holland & Kyle McKenzie

The Kilby Family

The Lesko Family

Doris Lewis
in memory of her husband, Ronald

Kay & Steve Lusk

Sue & Doug Mairena

Sheila M. Massey
in memory of Richard

Betsy Murray
in honor of Ethel Murray

Dottie Ninde
in memory of Julian R. Ninde, Jr.

The Peck Family
in honor of our wonderful friends and family at St. Alban’s

Benny Robles & Ronnie Hardcastle

Richard & Debbie Rosse

The Rev. Jeff Shankles & Kate Wettstein

Moira A. Skinner

Barbara Hallman & Ronald Vogel

Fran Walinsky

Rick & Karen Weinberg

Evangeline & Zinnah Wiles