Regathering in person? YES!

Based on current public health information showing a decline in COVID-19 cases and an increase in vaccinations, and the Commonwealth of Virginia is lifting more restrictions, Bishop Susan Goff informed the clergy throughout the diocese that we are permitted to regather without distance and capacity restrictions to the extent we are ready to do so.

St. Alban’s Regathering Committee has been preparing for this moment and agilely pivoted to address this welcome news. Hopefully you had an opportunity take our “regathering” survey to help the Committee better prepare for restarting worship in person. As Fr. Jeff noted in his email which accompanied the survey invitation, it won’t be exactly like it used to be, but it is a start!

The Regathering Committee, in consultation with the Vestry, created a plan that balances our desire to gather in person with concern for everyone’s safety, including the most vulnerable in our community. Here are some of the details:

  • Start Date: June 13
  • 8:15 am service – in the parish hall (allows for physical distancing)
  • 10:15 am service – in the nave (physical distancing will be recommended)
  • The 10:15 service will be Live-streamed on YouTube
  • Masks – required (except when lectors and intercessors read)
  • Vaccinations – not required

This plan gives you the option to do what you feel most comfortable doing at this point in time:  attend the 8:15 am service where you have the maximum flexibility for physical distancing; attend the 10:15 am service where physical distancing is possible within the fixed pew seating; or watch the service via the church’s new live-streaming technology from the comfort of your home.

More details are being worked out; public health data will continue to be monitored; and adjustments will be made, accordingly.

Many thanks to the Regathering Committee for their hard work in getting us to this point: Charles Becker, lead; Donna Archer, Harry Baisden, Elizabeth Howton, Ivy Kilby, Chris Martin, Margaret Pendley, Moira Skinner, Tom Tycz, Rick Weinberg, and Fr. Paul.