New ministry at St. Alban’s

As pandemic conditions in our area improve we’re looking at the resources we’ll need to live-stream our Sunday morning worship services – just one part of a very complicated process for re-gathering for in-person worship.  Early on, we will need lectors, ushers and Altar Guild members to work with us, but we’re also looking for individuals of any age who are interested in learning our new audio/video system which we’ll use for live-streaming.

We have a brand new audio/video system, and we’ll need volunteers to run it on Sunday mornings.  If you have any interest in learning about live-streaming on the internet and learning some new skills in the area of video production, please contact Fr. Jeff or Fr. Paul.

Father Jeff


The Rev. Jeff Shankles came to St. Alban’s in 2005 as assistant rector, and eventually became rector in 2013. He and his wife, Kate, have two adult children, Audrey and William.

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