St. Alban’s Hosts the Area Hypothermia Shelter: December 12-25

Hypothermia Shelter Meals 2021

What is the Hypothermia Project?

For many years, St. Alban’s has participated in the Hypothermia Project, a local endeavor supported by religious and community organizations to feed and provide overnight shelter during the winter to clients of the Bailey’s shelter.

St. Alban’s will participate for TWO WEEKS this year:  December 12-25. 

Last year, organizations provided meals only, directly to the shelter.  This year, we are able to welcome the shelter clients and staff back to St. Alban’s.  Shelter staff transport and supervise the clients during their overnight stay.  Plates, napkins, and eating and serving utensils are provided.  Here are the guidelines for St. Alban’s volunteers:

WHAT WE DO EACH DAY [dinner is served at 5:30pm]:

  • Provide 1 meal (2 main, 2 sides, bread, sweet) to feed 40 people [If you provide pork, please provide a non-pork option as well]
  • Provide 40 sandwiches (the shelter will distribute these to clients the next day)
  • Set up and Serve the meal
  • Clean up after the meal

Click here to sign up!

Questions?  Contact Delores Baisden at 703-533-9532  or  [email protected].   Thank you!

Father Jeff


The Rev. Jeff Shankles came to St. Alban’s in 2005 as assistant rector, and eventually became rector in 2013. He and his wife, Kate, have two adult children, Audrey and William.

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